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Recommend to the Board of Governors the appointment of members to fill openings on state-wide boards, committees and commissions. Achieve a "balance" in all appointments as they relate to each voluntary professional activity, i.e., age, gender, geography, ethnicity, area of practice. Time Commitment: The Committee meets approximately 7 times per year, usually for 2 hours. 

The Committee and the Board of Governors consider all aspects of diversity in their recommendations and appointments.

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Carrie Sherman
4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100
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Professional Volunteer Opportunities (see below)

The State Bar Appointments Committee is currently accepting applications from Active Members to fill the following upcoming vacancies.  Application forms are due at the State Bar office by the deadlines noted and can be obtained by contacting Carrie.Sherman@staff.azbar.org or calling 602.340.7201.  Click on the link below to download an attorney (or non-attorney public member) application form.

The Standing Appointments Committee and the Board of Governors consider all aspects of diversity in their recommendations and appointments.

Attorney Application Form here.

Non-Attorney Public Member Application Form here.

The Board of Governors will address openings on the following entities during 2022-2023:

• American Bar Association House of Delegates
• Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct
• Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness
• Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Examinations
• City of Peoria Judicial Selection Advisory Board
• City of Scottsdale Judicial Appointments Advisory Board
• Client Protection Fund Board of Trustees
• Community Legal Services Board of Directors
• DNA-People’s Legal Services Inc. Board of Directors
• Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Trustees Council
• State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors – Public Member

The Board of Governors' Special Constitutional Appointments Committee recruits and screens applicants for the following judicial nominating commissions (go to https://www.azbar.org/about-us/board-of-governors/board-committees/special-constitutional-appointments-committee/):

• Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments
• Coconino County Commission on Trial Court Appointments
• Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments
• Pima County Commission on Trial Court Appointments
• Pinal County Commission on Trial Court Appointments

For more information about these professional volunteer positions, contact Carrie.Sherman@staff.azbar.org or call 602.340.7201.

Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness - Public Member - Application Deadline December 30, 2022

Purpose: Responsible for the investigation and recommendation of applicants for admission to the practice of law in Arizona.

Openings: One nonlawyer, public member position.

Candidate Criteria/Qualifications:
• Applicants may be from anywhere within Arizona.
• Committee members review about 600 applications each year.
• Attend at least one formal hearing in Phoenix each month and a number of informal inquiry panels that are held in either Tucson or Phoenix. Mileage is paid for those residing outside Maricopa County.
• Between file review and hearings/business meetings, members devote an average of 25 hours per month to their Committee responsibilities.

Term: Initial appointment of four years, with the possibility of reappointment.

Application Deadline: December 30, 2022.

Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law Trustees Council - Application Deadline January 11, 2023

Purpose: The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (FNREL) is a collaborative, educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the scholarly and practical study of the laws and regulations relating to mining, oil and gas, energy, public lands, water, and related aspects of environmental and international law. The Foundation is led by a Board of Directors and guided by a Trustees Council composed of representatives from 68 constituent organizations, including 35 law schools, 14 bar associations, and 19 industry associations.

Candidate Criteria/Qualifications:
• Per policy, applicants must be Active Members of, and in good standing with, the State Bar of Arizona. Judicial, retired, and inactive members are welcome to apply but must change their membership to “active” in order to be eligible.
• To the extent practical, the individuals appointed or elected as Trustees shall have an established involvement in Foundation programs, committee participation, or publications, and shall have a demonstrated professional involvement in mineral or natural resources related legal education in the form of oral presentations, teaching, professional publications or attendance at institutes, conferences or programs of the Foundation, similar non-profit organizations or law schools.
• Required attendance at the Trustees Council Meeting and the Annual Institute that are held in July of each year (in extenuating circumstances, the Trustee may arrange to send a suitable substitute). Neither the State Bar of Arizona nor the Foundation is able to reimburse the travel expenses or registration fee of a Bar Association trustee – the individual Trustee, or their firm or company, covers these costs. Either the Constituent Organization or the individual Trustee or his or her firm is expected to maintain an annual membership in the Foundation.
• The Trustee should make annual reports to his or her organization; actively assist the Foundation on its programs, publications, and committees; and promote the programs, publications, and objectives of the Foundation.
• Although referred to as “Trustees,” the Trustees are technically “delegates” under the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, and they have no fiduciary responsibility.
• Information about the FNREL can be found at https://www.fnrel.org/about/about-the-foundation 

Term: Three years beginning March 2023. Term covers the Foundation’s 2023-2025 annual July meetings.

Openings: One appointment will be made.

Application deadline: January 11, 2023

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