2021 Law Day Legal Aid Clinic - Virtual Consultations

Keeping with a 10-year tradition, the State Bar of Arizona held its annual Law Day Legal Aid Clinic on Saturday, May 1. Ensuring participant and volunteer safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held virtually via Zoom and experienced an overwhelmingly positive response.

The following is a recap of the virtual legal help clinic:

What: Annual Law Day Legal Aid Clinic – Virtual

Who: State Bar of Arizona Public Service Center and Volunteer Attorneys

When: Saturday, May 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

People Helped: 105 members of the public

Volunteers: 14 attorneys including Tracy Essig, Steven Simon, Douglas Younglove, Jack Brooks, Krystie Reeves, Jessica Clark, Tad Davis, Elizabeth Langford, Laura Oven, Dean O'Connor, John Halk, Brandon Curdie, Saul Huerta, and Misbah Rashid.

Legal Topics Offered: Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Estate Planning Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law and Landlord/Tenant Issues

We exceeded our goal of registering a minimum of 50 people for the virtual event and volunteers were happy to have helped participants navigate through their legal issues.

The State Bar of Arizona thanks all volunteers and staff who helped make our first-ever virtual legal help clinic a success!


Below are a few of the legal issues volunteers helped address.


A gentlemen had gone divorce in Mexico about 20 years ago and wanted to now get a divorce here, so he could show he could remarry. I explained his divorce decree in Mexico would be recognized here in Arizona and gave him information on how he can register and make the Mexican divorce registered and part of the court records in Arizona.


Foreign national whose husband passed away and they have 3 teen children.  She holds a valid green card, but it expires in July.  She needed to confirm she had the correct probate forms (downloaded from the Maricopa County Probate court website) and ensure that she is named guardian of her children in the courts.  I confirmed that she had the correct probate forms from the Maricopa County Court website and gave her the names of 3 immigration attorneys who may be able to help her with her green card renewal and child custody.


I was doing the landlord tenant section and was surprised about the number of seller-financed rent-to-own issues that came up. I had 3 of them on Saturday.  Those individuals were having issues with the terms of the agreements, either making payments or having issues with the home purchase.


One was a middle manager out on paid sick leave who had just turned in a doctor's note allowing him to return to work only to be told that he had to stay out pending an investigation due to unspecified allegations by former employees. I advised him to contact HR and insist on a prompt receipt of the allegations and a right to respond. I also advised him to contact Southern Arizona Legal Aid to attend my regular Employment Law Clinic once he got further information on the allegations. 


About Law Day
Each year on May 1, the United States celebrates Law Day. The State Bar of Arizona's Law Day Legal Aid Clinics were created to provide access to justice while joining the rest of the nation in celebrating the legal profession.

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