State Bar Clarifies Juan Martinez Case and Role in Disciplinary Matters

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2020
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State Bar Clarifies Juan Martinez Case and Role in Disciplinary Matters

Feb. 13, 2019 – Phoenix – To maintain transparency and encourage accurate reporting, the State Bar of Arizona is providing a few key points and clarifications regarding Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

Currently, the State Bar is prosecuting a formal complaint against Juan Martinez for allegations of, among other things, sexual harassment. A second unrelated case was referred to the Independent Bar Counsel.   

The State Bar filed a Special Action with the Arizona Supreme Court on Feb. 6, 2020 asking the Court to vacate the Presiding Disciplinary Judge’s order granting Martinez’ Motion for Summary Judgment. The petition will be considered by the Court on Apr. 28, 2020.

Below are a few points of clarification, addressing inaccurate reports.

  1. Reported: "… the county has paid more than $169,000 in liability fees to the State Bar for Martinez."
    Fact: The $169,000 referenced in the story was NOT paid to the State Bar of Arizona.
  2. Reported: The sexual harassment case was referred to independent bar counsel
    Fact: The case referred to independent bar counsel is not related to the sexual harassment charge against Juan Martinez.
  3. Reported: "… the State Bar of Arizona accused Presiding Disciplinary Judge William J. O'Neil of abuse of power…"
    Fact: The State Bar of Arizona's Petition for Special Action asserts that the Presiding Disciplinary Judge abused his discretion, which is a legal basis to challenge the judge's ruling at this stage.

Background documents are available by contacting Alberto.Rodriguez@staff.azbar.org.

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