General MCLE FAQs

When is the educational year?

The educational year is July 1 to the following June 30.

How many CLE hours are required?

A total of 15 hours, of which a minimum of three need to be professional responsibility/ethics.  New members/registrants admitted or registered with the Bar during the first half of an educational year (July to December) have a reduced requirement of 10 total hours, of which a minimum of two need to be professional responsibility/ethics.  Members/registrants admitted or registered with the Bar during the second half of an educational year (January to June) have no CLE requirement for that year.

Does the State Bar approve CLE?

The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit providers or programs.  Rule 45, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. and the accompanying MCLE Regulations are predicated on the assumption that attorneys can evaluate CLE activities offered based on the guidelines set forth in the Regulations, and report their activities by affidavit. The standards are very broad and many providers and sponsors routinely meet these standards.

What qualifies as a CLE event or program?

Essentially, a CLE event must meet the following criteria to qualify towards MCLE requirements:

  1. The program must have attorneys as the primary audience, with at least five attorneys present.  It must have significant intellectual or practical content and the main goal of the program must be to increase the attorney's competence as a lawyer.
  2. The program must deal with matters directly related to the practice of law, professional responsibility, or ethical obligations of attorneys. For example, a tax attorney taking courses to become a CPA cannot claim that as legal education.
  3. The program must have an agenda, written materials, and a certificate of completion or attendance.
  4. CLE credit for a program can only be claimed one time.  Subsequent viewing of the same program or review of the same program materials may not be claimed in another MCLE year.

When is the affidavit due?

The affidavit is due on or before September 15 of each year.

What happens if the requirements are not completed or the affidavit is not filed on time?

CLE can be completed after June 30th, and an affidavit can be filed after September 15th.  However, the member/registrant will be subject to late fees as annotated in Rule 45(d), Ariz. R. Sup. Ct.  If the MCLE requirements are not met by December 15, summary suspension may result.

For online programs, what qualifies for interactive programming?

Online programs are considered interactive if the attorney is given an opportunity to respond to prompts placed within the online course or to collect alpha numeric codes given during a replay of a program and after completion enter those codes at the conclusion of the program to obtain their certificate.

What is considered self-study programming?

An audio or video replay of a CLE program which does not provide the ability for a member to verify that he/she has viewed the entire program.  Reading does not qualify as self-study.

What is the maximum amount of carry forward hours?

The maximum amount of carry forward hours is 15, of which three are professional responsibility/ethics.  For Certified Specialists the maximum amount of carry forward is five hours of advanced credit, three of which can be professional responsibility/ethics.  Carry forward hours do not change classification when they carry forward. For example, self-study credit does not become live interactive credit.

What kind of limitation exists relative to the types of hours acquired?

Self Study - max 5 hours
Teaching - max 10 hours
Writing - max 10 hours
Law School Courses - max 10 hours
Bar Review Course - max 5 hours

If residing in another state, is an Arizona lawyer required to take CLE and file an affidavit for Arizona?

Yes, all out of state attorneys or registrants must file an affidavit.  If the Arizona attorney resides in an MCLE jurisdiction in which they are admitted, they comply with that jurisdiction's MCLE requirements.  On the affidavit, the attorney will indicate "compliance with XYZ jurisdiction."  However, if the Arizona attorney resides out of state but is not admitted in that state, or the state has no MCLE requirement, then the attorney complies with the MCLE requirements of Arizona of at least 15 hours of which 3 of those are professional responsibility/ethics.

Does an attorney need to file an affidavit even if they do not practice law?

If an attorney's membership status is Active as of June 30 of the educational year, the attorney must complete the requisite amount of hours and file an affidavit.  Membership status inquiries should be directed to the State Bar Member Records staff at 602.340.7239.

If subject to COJET, does an affidavit still need to be filed?

Yes.  On the affidavit, the attorney will indicate "subject to COJET".  If the attorney's membership status with the Bar is "judicial", there is no requirement to file an affidavit.

If member status was changed from "inactive" to "active", are the requirements prorated?

No.  Attorneys must meet the 15-hour requirement by June 30 regardless of when the attorney took Active status again.  Any member or registrant who is active on June 30 of the educational year must meet the entire yearly requirement and file an affidavit.

CLE Tracking Dashboard FAQs

How do I get to the CLE Dashboard?

You need to access the CLE Dashboard directly from your Member Dashboard after logging into your member account. Once you are logging into your Member Dashboard, there is a link to the CLE Tracking/MCLE affidavit on the left-hand side under the Quick Links menu.

Do I have to go to the CLE tracking dashboard before filing my affidavit online?

Yes. However, if you are claiming compliance with another MCLE jurisdiction, you are not required to enter events on your tracking page.

What’s on the CLE Tracking Dashboard?

A quick and easy view of where you currently stand on your hours. The number of days remaining until the filing deadline. Links to your affidavit history. A link to your CLE Tracking Page.  The CLE Tracking page lists any CLE events attended through the State Bar (these are auto populated).  You can’t delete a Bar event, but you can decrease the hours if you left early, or zero out hours if you did not attend. A link which will allows you to enter CLE hours taken from third party providers/sponsors.

Do I have to enter anything on the Tracking Page?

The Tracking Dashboard is the gateway to your tracking page.  You will list CLE on your tracking page if you are a regular/active member, a non-resident who is not licensed in the jurisdiction in which you reside or if the jurisdiction in which you reside does not have an MCLE requirement.  When you list your CLE on your tracking page, be sure to include:

1. CLE events you attended through providers other than the State Bar.
2. Self-study credits, even if you obtained the material from the State Bar.
3. Teaching hours for presentations including State Bar CLE events.

Non-residents, who are licensed, reside and are in compliance with their home jurisdiction do not have to list any CLE events on the Tracking Page.

Is entering my CLE on the tracking dashboard the same as filing an affidavit?

No. After you’ve entered and verified your CLE for the educational year, you will need to return to your dashboard and click on the File Affidavit button to complete the filing process.

This process allows you to affirm that the entries on your Affidavit are correct and is the process that will send your Affidavit to the MCLE Department to review and record.

How do I enter pro bono services CLE hours on my tracking page and affidavit?

Effective January 1, 2014, attorneys may claim 1 CLE hour for every 5 hours of pro bono service provided through an approved Legal Services Organization (under Rule 38). The CLE hours claimed fall into the CLE type of self-study (capped at 5 CLE hours per educational year. You may not claim pro bono hours for personal clients.

Verification of pro bono service hours will be a document produced by the attorney or legal services organization (LSO) to include the name of the LSO, date(s) of service, the number of service hours provided, the number of self-study hours being claimed, signed by a representative of the LSO affirming the attorney’s service.

Can I get some technical help if I need it?

Absolutely.  Call the Member Resource Center at 602.340.7239 during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F.  Or email the MCLE Department at MCLE@staff.azbar.org.

How do I enter pro bono service CLE hours on my Tracking Page?

Effective January 1, 2014, attorneys may claim 1 CLE hour for every 5 hours of pro bono service provided through an approved Legal Services Organization (pursuant to Rule 38(e)(2)(C)). The CLE hours claimed fall into the CLE type of self-study (capped at 5 CLE hours per educational year).

The tracking page entry must contain the following:

CLE Type: Self Study (Pro Bono)
Title: Pro Bono Service Provided Through (name of Legal Services Organization)
Organization: Attorney’s Name (as the provider of the service)
Start Date*: Appointment date (within the educational year)
End Date: Date of resolution of the case or June 30 (within the educational year)
CLE Hours: 1 CLE hour is earned for every 5 hours of pro bono service. Calculate number of pro bono service hours, divide by 5, round down to the nearest quarter hour. Hours are self-study, capped at 5 per educational year.

*Amendment to Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. Rule 45 allowing CLE credit for pro bono service is effective January 1, 2014

Verification of pro bono service hours will be a document produced by the attorney or legal services organization (LSO) to include the name of the LSO, date(s) of service, the number of service hours provided, the number of self-study hours being claimed, signed by a representative of the LSO affirming the attorney’s service.

Affidavit FAQs

I’m a new member and completed CLE hours when I had no requirement to file. Can I claim those hours?

You may claim CLE events after your date of admission through the end of the educational year (June 30).

Courses taken through the State Bar are automatically entered on the CLE tracking screen. If you have CLE hours from other providers, enter those hours no later than July 15. Be sure to enter the hours in the appropriate educational year.

The MCLE staff will pull a report around August 15 for all new admittees with reported hours and manually carry forward these hours into the following year. 

If you have entered hours on your tracking page and do not see this carry forward listed on your dashboard by August 30, please email the MCLE Department at MCLE@staff.azbar.org.

How can I go back and claim an event from last year?

If you have an event that was not entered on last year's tracking page or affidavit and you would now like to claim credit, enter the event on the CLE tracking page for the year in which the event took place.  From your CLE Tracking Dashboard (for that year) click on the blue "File Amended Affidavit" button.

The update to your carry forward hours will be processed as soon as possible. Please allow at least 1–2 business days for completion.

If your amended carry forward hours do not display after 2 business days, you should send an email to MCLE@staff.azbar.org to ask a member of the MCLE team to review the amended affidavit.

I found a mistake on my affidavit. How can I amend it?

You can file an amended affidavit on your CLE tracking dashboard. Return to the dashboard for the year you wish to amend. Navigate between years using the Education Year drop down menu.

When the proper year loads, click on the “Edit CLE Tracking” button. Make necessary changes to your tracking page. Exit the CLE Tracking to your Dashboard. Click on the “File Amended Affidavit” button.

Corrections to carry forward into following years will not be reflected until the amended affidavit has been reviewed.

There is a fee assessed on my affidavit filing screen, but I don’t think I owe a fee?

If you took all your CLE events by June 30 and your affidavit screen is showing a late compliance fee, return to your CLE tracking page and check the dates for each event. You may have accidentally indicated the wrong month or the wrong year.

If you completed your CLE after June 30, you owe a late compliance fee.

If you are filing your affidavit after September 15, you owe the late filing fee.

If you still think you don’t owe a fee, call 602.340.7328 or send an email to mcle@staff.azbar.org.

CLE Related FAQs

A State Bar program I’ve taken has not shown up on my tracking page. How do I fix this?

State Bar CLE programs are entered for you automatically within 2 hours of completion. If a program does not appear on your tracking page after 2 hours, send an email to the CLE Department at clefix@staff.azbar.org include your name, bar number and a description of the issue. Other than self-study and teaching hours, do not enter State Bar programs manually.

I took a State Bar program after the end of the educational year. How can I move it back?

If you've taken a State Bar program after June 30 of this educational year, and need the hours for compliance this year, using the Educational Year drop down option on the CLE Tracking Dashboard, click on the next year.  Once that year's tracking page loads, click on the orange "Go to CLE Tracking" button, click on the edit button on the right of the seminar you wish to move. When the edit event screen opens, change the MCLE year to the educational year you wish to apply the hours to and save the seminar. This will move the event to the year in which you need the CLE credit. Do not enter State Bar programs manually.

How do I calculate and enter teaching hours (including the ethics portion) and enter them on the Tracking Page?

You earn additional hours for teaching at CLE events if your presentation is accompanied by original written materials prepared, or augmented.

For a State Bar CLE that you both attended and taught (the entry should be auto-populated on your tracking page) and listed in the “AZ Bar CLE Hours” section of your tracking page as a “Live/In-Person Seminar".

The entry will reflect hours for the entire seminar. You will need to reduce the total hours attended and add the teaching hours. Reduce the “MCLE Hrs and/or Ethics Hours” by the number of hours you actually taught at the event. Then calculate your Teaching hours based on the formula below and enter them in the Teaching hrs box.

If you taught for an outside provider or the State Bar CLE has not auto-populated (a section event) – click add “Non-SBA Event” to enter your attendance and/or teaching hours. 

Select the CLE type “Live/In-Person Seminar”.  In the MCLE Hours box, enter any hours that you attended, but did not teach.  Then calculate your Teaching Hours based on the formula found in MCLE Regulations (104(B)(3) and enter them in the Teaching box.  Ethics hours are calculated times the multiplier using the same steps as above.

Calculate Teaching Hours: use same calculation for both general CLE hours and professional responsibility/ethics hours (MCLE Regulations (104(B)(3))

For an original presentation accompanied by original written materials prepared, augmented or updated by the speaker:

The first hour = 6 CLE hours.

Each add’l hour = 2 CLE hours.

Maximum of 10 teaching hours per year.

If the presentation is not accompanied by original written materials, the speaker earns one credit hour for each hour of presentation.

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