Succession Planning

To protect their clients and practices, all lawyers need to plan for those good and bad possibilities. The State Bar is pleased to offer their Succession Planning Handbook, available free to State Bar members. This comprehensive handbook is the result of the work of the State Bar's Succession Planning Task Force, in concert with the Lawyer Assistance Programs Director and Ethics Counsel, and contains valuable information to guide you in this vital planning process. In addition, below you will find forms and checklists to assist you in creating and implementing a succession plan for your practice, or to assist another lawyer in closing theirs.

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Succession Planning Manual and Forms

Succession Planning Manual:  Succession Planning: Preparing for the Unthinkable

Transition Counsel Checklist

Agreement to Close Law Practice - Full Form

Consent to Close Office - Short Form

Notice of Designated Successor Counsel

Will Provisions

Succession Planning Language for Engagement Letter and Fee Agreement

Letter Advising That Lawyer Is Unable to Continue in Practice

Letter Advising That Lawyer Is Closing His/Her Office

Letter From Firm Offering to Continue Representation

Acknowledgment of Receipt of File

Authorization for Transfer of Client File

Request for File

Office Closure File Tracking Chart

Law Office List of Contacts (PDF)  (Word)

Motion for Access to IOLTA [or Specific Trust] Account