State Bar of Arizona Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Strategic Priority 1: The State Bar of Arizona promotes the highest standards of member ethics, competence and professionalism, and fosters a legal profession equipped to serve the community’s legal needs.

1. Promote the highest ethical standards to maintain a self-regulated profession
2. Adapt professional rules to promote innovation and the efficient delivery of legal services
3. Support member competency and continuing professional development
4. Increase the diversity of the legal profession to better reflect the community it serves

Strategic Priority 2: The State Bar of Arizona fosters public trust and confidence in a justice system that is fair, just, and accessible to all.

1. Advance approaches that increase the accessibility of legal services to all Arizonans
2. Encourage SBA member participation in access to justice initiatives including pro bono
3. Educate the public about the rule of law, the role of lawyers, and the independence of the judiciary
4. Work to dismantle processes and structures that perpetuate bias within the legal profession and justice system

Strategic Priority 3: The State Bar of Arizona serves and protects the public by supporting members’ professional growth, development, and satisfaction in the practice of law.

1. Equip lawyers to adapt to the changing legal economy
2. Create an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere that fosters civility and professionalism
3. Support a professional culture that prioritizes member wellness

Strategic Priority 4: The State Bar of Arizona sustains a culture of organizational excellence to advance its mission and the strategic plan.

1. Promote institutional processes that ensure member and staff safety, productivity, and business continuity
2. Cultivate the State Bar of Arizona’s reputation as an employer of choice that attracts and retains exceptional professional staff to carry out its mission
3. Improve diversity, equity and inclusion in bar governance, entities, and staff
4. Use resources effectively in order to sustain a strong fiscal position