Voter Eligibility

To be eligible to vote in the State Bar of Arizona Board of Govenors elections, you must meet the following eligibility requirements as stated in Arizona Supreme Court Rule 32(e)(2)(D):

Elections. Election of governors will be by ballot. Active and judicial members are entitled to vote for the elected governor or governors in the district in which a member has his or her principal place of business, as shown in the records of the State Bar. Active out-of-state members may vote in the district of their most recent Arizona residence or place of business or, if none, in Bar District Six. The State Bar will send ballots electronically to each member entitled to vote, at the address shown in the records of the State Bar, at least two weeks prior to the date of canvassing the ballots. Members will return their ballots through electronic voting means, and the State Bar will announce the results at the ensuing annual meeting. The State Bar’s bylaws will direct other details of the election process.

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