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Alternative Business Structure Professional Liability Insurance Disclosure
as of May 22, 2023

License Name License # License Status Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
10xLaw.com, Inc. 70145 Active Yes
Aiken Farrell Kroloff,LLC 70156 Active Yes
Arete Financial Solutions 70117 Active Yes
Arizona Redwood Partners, PLLC 70141 Active Yes
Axiom Advice and Counsel, LLC 70135 Active Yes
Bad Drug Law Firm, LLC 70134 Active Yes
Bar Pilot, LLC 70146 Active Yes
Bay Point Legal Partners, PLLC 70147 Active Yes
Big Auto-Accident Attorneys, PLLC 70137 Active Yes
BOSS Advisors (formerly Payne Huebsch, LLC) 70116 Active Yes
Bridgemont Group (formerly Wall and Olson) 70124 Active Yes
Cactus Blossom Legal, LLC 70142 Active Yes
Cartiga Legal, LLC 70161 Active Yes
Copper Wren Law, LLC 70155 Active Yes
eLegacy Law, LLC 70118 Active Yes
ElevateNext US, LLC 70127 Active Yes
Elias Mendoza Hill Law Group, LLC 70125 Active Yes
Eos Law LLC 70148 Active Yes
Esquire Law LLC 70126 Active Yes
Fidelity Legal LLC (Formerly Case Partners, LLC) 70138 Active Yes
First Law, LLC 70157 Active Not Reported
G Law Services, LLC 70139 Active No
Globiliti Legal, LLC 70140 Active Yes
Heritage Family Offices LLP 70165 Active Not Reported
HFC Legal, LLC 70158 Active Yes
Hive Legal, LLC 70128 Active Yes
Law on Call, LLC 70143 Active Yes
LegaFi Law, LLC 70131 Active Yes
Legal Help Partners, PLLC 70120 Active Yes
LS5 Legal, LLC 70152 Active Yes
LZ Legal Services, LLC 70123 Active Not Reported
Magic Law Group, Inc. 70149 Active Yes
McCormick Law, Car Wreck Attorneys, PLLC 70159 Active Not Reported
Motion Law, LLC 70129 Active Yes
National Mass Tort & Class Action Law Firm PLLC 70151 Active Yes
Nextpoint Law Group LLC 70163 Active Yes
Novus Lex, LLC 70132 Active Yes
PatentVest, Inc. 70144 Active Yes
Radix Professional Services, LLC 70121 Active Yes
Saddle Rock Legal Group, LLC 70136 Active Yes
Scout Law Group, LLC 70133 Active Yes
Shared Practices, LLC 70160 Active Yes
Singular Law Group, LLC 70122 Active Not Reported
Sunridge Law Group, LLC 70153 Active No
The Meadow Law Firm, LLC 70150 Active Yes
Trajan Estate, LLC 70115 Active Yes
Vantage Law Firm, LLC 70130 Active Yes
WesternTrust Law LLC 70164 Active Not Reported
Wilkie Puchi, L.L.P. 70154 Active Yes


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