Public Service Center: Legal Help & Education

When you have a legal problem, it helps to do some research to determine if you need to hire a lawyer. The State Bar's Public Service Center offers legal clinics, phone banks, and consumer brochures that address questions about divorce, wills, landlord/tenant issues, and bankruptcy. You can also check our Events Calendar for news about free clinics in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I need an attorney, how can I find one?

While the State Bar of Arizona is not permitted to provide any legal advice or referrals to lawyers, you can use our member directory to search for lawyers by name, area of practice or office location. All attorneys who are members of the State Bar of Arizona are listed on the State Bar's website. Check the "activity" information to see if the lawyer has ever been disciplined.

Lawyer Referral Services

  • Maricopa County Bar Lawyer Referral Service, 602.257.4434: Schedule a 30-minute consultation with an attorney for a $40 fee. maricopalawyers.org/
  • Pima County Bar Lawyer Referral Service, 520.623.4625: For a non-refundable fee of $35 due at the time of the referral, the Lawyer Referral Service will schedule you with a licensed attorney who will provide you with a 30-minute consultation. pimacountybar.org/lawyer-referral-service-lrs


I can't afford an attorney. Who can I contact for help?

Call Legal Learn, a service provided by the Arizona Bar Foundation, at 866.637.5341. You can also search azlawhelp.org, LawforSeniors.org, or LawforVeterans.org


How do I file a complaint against my attorney?

Call our Attorney/Client Assistance Program (ACAP) hotline at 602.340.7280. ACAP representatives will listen to your concerns and help to address the problem.

If your concern involves what you believe to be criminal activity by your lawyer, you can also contact the Attorney General's Office at azag.gov or contact the office by mail at:

Attorney General's Office
1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
602.542.5025 or toll-free at 800.352.8431
Fax 602.542.4085