Winner Named in 2022 Arizona Attorney Arts Competition in Music Category

Congratulations to all the winners of the annual Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition. Each of them is featured in our May 2022 issue. Because of obvious restrictions, our music winner's work cannot be published in the magazine. But it is available, here, for you to hear and enjoy. Well done, Leon Silver, named this year's winner.

Leon Silver

Here is Leon's humorous description of himself:

The influence of Leon Silver on popular music is incalculable, much as infinity, or even imaginary, like the square root of negative one. When not practicing music, he practices law, and hopes one day to make it to Symphony Hall, at least for jury selection (if social distancing requires). From winding, hallucinatory, stream-of-consciousness recitations to worn out narratives in which he loves you, or she loves him, or her, and sometime they love each other, or maybe not so much, his song-writing is noteworthy for its faux inventiveness and tired experimentation with combinations of the same 12 notes. But for Leon, it is all done in good fun.

Listen to Leon's three winning entries below.

Music Tracks

Leon Silver

Or, to listen to all the tracks on Spotify, go here.